A curious explorer / moment capturer / satirical doodler / midnight music jamming musician (not really) who plays piano, guitar, and violin (in my tiny apartment) / best friends with caffeine / Michelangelo to Josef Albers / Fan of Einstein / and most importantly, a designer.

1990 - 1994 Glendale, California / 1994 - 2006 Seoul, Korea / 2006 - Present Seattle, WA

Traveled to 25 countries so far


* Kay is currently working at TEAGUE (Seattle, WA) as an Industrial Designer designing your future travel experience. 





University of Washington Class of 2013, Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design

Design Study Abroad Rome, Italy Aug 2011



TEAGUE Industrial Designer, Jun 2013 - Present

SEAL(Sensors, Energy, and Automation Laboratory) of University of Washington Design Lead Jan 2013 - Jun 2013

The Daily Newspaper illustrator, Jan 2012 - Jun 2013

Tactile Industrial Design Intern, Jun 2012 - Sep 2012

ICFF Designer Participant, 2011

Susan G. Komen Visual Communication Designer, Jul 2010 - Sep 2010



Denny Bike, Oregon Manifest Bike Design Competition 2014 (Winner) / Fast Company Innovation Design Award 2015 (Finalist) / IDEA Award 2014 (Bronze) / IDSA Northwest Merit Award 2013 (Winner) / Artwork exhibit at Jacob Lawrence Gallery 2009 / University of Washington Dean's List (all four years) / Arts Guild Scholarship 2009 / Scholastic Writing & Art Award Exhibition 2007 & 2008 (Gold) 




Childhood story : Art. Design. Music.

I grew up being surrounded by art, architecture, and music since my parents were working in art, architecture, and business industry. 

As a kid, I played with my dad's foam core architecture models (I often broke them or cut them into pieces...Sorry dad...) and I drew everywhere with anything I could draw with, which made my parents to turn one of the walls in our apartment into a sketch board (Sorry mom and dad...)



I loved drawing and observing as a kid. I remember staying up to 2 am when I was in elementary school because I just wanted to continue drawing. This is probably why I am short :P

I often drew characters or made hand-drawn letters and traded them for candies or snack with friends.



My dad introduced me to photoshop when I was 14 (2004). Since I was young, I've always dreamed of creating my own things or owning my company. With the super power of photoshop, I started to brand me and create websites.

Design. That is what I want to do!

One day in Korea, I was walking home from my middle school. It was the same exact road that I walked every single day. However, all of sudden I started to notice every single surrounding that I was passing by. 

Traffic signs, alignment of blocks, grid pattern of the tall apartments, colors, shapes...

Then I realized "Every single thing is designed by someone, whether it is a good or bad design. It is effecting our everyday life."

I was fascinated and intrigued. And this was the moment that I wanted to become a designer.


Conveying messages through creative practices

In 2006 at my age of 16, my family moved to the states. Culture and language barriers converted me into very introverted person and that was when I began to heavily involved in art and music.

I realized "Art and music are the most beautiful and universal languages that do not require any cultural, linguistic, or educational knowledges." 

Music and art became my own escape from the tough transition and I began to learn how to convey my perspectives and messages through pen and paper and musical notes.

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