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How would you redesign the interface of the clock?


JOB interview AND THE Question

It was in my senior year when I went to a company for a full day interview after recruiter contacted me for a UX designer role. I took it as an opportunity to have an interview experience even though I was looking for an Industrial Designer position. During the full day interview, there were several 30 minutes of 1:1 sessions with each discipline representative. One of the sessions was to solve a design problem. 

Interviewer looked around the room and pointed at a clock that was hanging on the wall  and a digital desk clock, his watch, and time on cellphone.

Then he asked me a question: the prompt.



 "How would you redesign the interface of the clock?"






Interviewer gave me approximately 20 minutes to ideate and come up with a solution. Last 10 minutes was going through the thought process and discuss the design solution. He understood my background as an Industrial Design major and was totally open to any type of perspective.




Me : "Okay. Here is what I would do... I would design a clock that does not have any interface. It doesn't have a time indicator. It doesn't show how much time you have left, how much time you've spent, or what time it is now. It is a clock that is for you. Your time. You define the time for your time, instead of time defines you and your time, and your life.

We live in a very busy life, countless multitasking moments which often result in us not having a time to reflect on ourselves. 

We run our day by "time" which is the pivot point of our lives. 

As we both can see in this tiny phone booth, we are already surrounded by multiple clocks that indicate the exact numbers, time. Finding what time it is now is easily accessible wherever you go.

So I think what we really need is the clock that does not tell you a time, but gives you a space and 'time' for you to reflect. 

So no measurement, no indication of time's flow. It is a blank sculptural piece that you can meditate to.

It is a clock that gives you a time


Interviewer : (Paused for a moment) I really like that. I really really like that.





This question and solution lingered in my head for a while. It came up to my mind whenever I needed "Me time"






Time 1 : Regular clock that indicates current time

Time 2 : Your time that you define your time


Press to pause the Time 1

Press again to resume the Time 1